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Discover the business of tomorrow – enhance your career opportunities with an MBA from Germany


In a rapidly changing business world, executive managers and employees are confronted with immense challenges: conditions are volatile and uncertain as never before. Firms will only withstand future competition successfully if they are able to face these 21st century challenges and head on by exploiting opportunities and minimizing risks.


Do you want to take up the challenge? Then we may be just the right fit for you!


In the MBA International Management at Pforzheim University, international, generalist and profound classical management foundations are integrated with the most relevant future topics: Innovation Management and Sustainable Globalization. Being situated in Germany’s strongest economic region, you benefit from our close cooperation with multinational companies and hidden champions.








Become a versatile industrial manager through MBA&E studies at the HTW Berlin


The Master of Business Administration & Engineering (MBA&E) is a three-semester, English-language Master programme aiming at a technical management career profile. Typical graduates target positions in areas like production management, supply chain management and project management. MBA&E graduates often work at multinational companies and in international environments.


Programme structure and specializations

Our top priority is to help our students advance in their careers. The MBA&E curriculum provides a high level of employability after the studies. The programme rests on four pillars

-          A balance of solid management and technology skills giving graduates job market versatility

-          Four specialization options to allow graduates target jobs in specific functions or industries

-          A broad range of managerial employability skills taught throughout the curriculum

-          A Master thesis and an optional internship to enhance job-readiness and business acumen


In addition to the two core modules - General Management and Technology & Engineering, the MBA&E curriculum includes a specialization option that specializes students in an area of their choice. At the moment, the following four specialization options are offered:

-          Automotive Management. Drawing upon the experience of the German automotive sector,

       the specialization prepares its students for jobs at OEMS, suppliers and consulting.

-          Interdisciplinary Management. Prepares participants for the management of complex and

       interdisciplinary projects at the interface of technology and people.

-          Lean Management. Focuses on the optimization of production, logistics and administrative processes

       and applies across a number of different sectors.

-          Global Procurement. Prepares for the set-up and management of international procurement and

       outsourcing projects, covering technical, managerial and intercultural aspects.


Application, fees and contact information

For application instructions, tuition fees and further information, please see our website at http://mbae.htw-berlin.de/. Please contact our programme office any time at admission-mbae@htw-berlin.de or +49 30 5019 2411.




Master Program International Business Consulting

at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Advance in your career with a 15 months fast-track MBA. The practical-oriented and most innovative teaching methods - applied through case studies and real-world scenarios - will prepare you for a leading position in Germany and worldwide. You aspire a career in External or In-house Business Consulting or a Management Position in Logistics, Production, Marketing? While IBC remains one of only a few programs in Germany with a focus on Consulting, our Curriculum allows for professional flexibility and hence excellent job prospects. Our lecturers' expertise, individual supervision in small-sized classes and an international learning environment permit personal growth.


Admission requirements:

- bachelor degree

- minimum two years of professional experience

- an English Language Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, APIEL)

- APS certificate (only for applicants from China and Vietnam)


Application deadline: June 30th

Total fees: EUR 11,222

Language of instruction: English

For more information: www.mba-ibc.com or contact us at: ibc@hs-offenburg.de






 International Master’s programs at Hof University: Hands-on, interactive, career-oriented


Fields of studies: Business, Engineering and IT

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: English (except International Human Resource Management)

Target groups: graduates with first degrees in relevant fields and one year of work experience

Start: October / March

Application deadline: May 31rst / November 30th  



Our practice-oriented, interdisciplinary degree programs prepare you for a leading position in overseas branches of German companies or German branches of foreign companies.  


Operational Excellence (M.Eng and MBA) provides you with a holistic understanding of a supply chain. We discuss how international supply chains should be managed, how to meet the customer’s quality demands and how to make production more efficient.


General Management (MBA) is focused on developing your knowledge and skills in leadership, strategy development, development of new business models and their implementation through change and project management.


Software Engineering for Industrial Applications (M.Eng) trains you for complex management and engineering tasks in software development for industrial applications, ranging from low-level control of production processes to high-level management and logistic tasks.


International Human Resource Management (MBA) is German-taught and ideal for graduates of German studies who would like to develop their future career paths in a company.


Find out more:




Power and Data Engineering –

New Master’s Program at Offenburg University -

Starting Fall 2017





Get ready for shaping the future enery sector!


The energy sector faces huge challenges:

Growing energy demand, more distributed and renewable energy sources, less centralized and fossile sources, …


The energy sector is becoming more complex:

Liberalized energy markets with more stakeholders, more systems and new technologies to manage and to interconnect, …


The solution - Power & Data Engineering:

Managing the growing complexity needs a combination of profound power system understanding and modern IT and data engineering methods – exactly what you obtain by studying M.Sc. Power and Data Engineering


Become part of Offenburg University’s Graduate School:

ü  Accredited, application-oriented degree programs with excellent career opportunities

ü  English-taught classes, with a small student-teacher ratio and hands-on instruction

ü  Well-equipped laboratories and facilities

ü  Comprehensive, individual services for international students

ü  Safe and friendly environment with easy access to Europe's tourist attractions




Boost your international career in Germany with the Esslingen MBA


"The Esslingen MBA is an optimal complement to my academic background as a mechanical engineer."

-Bryan Morehouse, MBA 2015, Customer Solution Business Development Specialist


"The alumni network and the close link with the companies in the Neckar Valley provided many valuable insights into the newest developments."

-Fiona van Petegem, MBA 2016, Project Engineer





Our MBA is designed for bachelor graduates from STEM subjects with management ambitions. It enhances your technical skills with a wide range of managerial and cross-disciplinary knowledge from


• operations & supply chain management,

• marketing, strategy & leadership,

• finance & business planning.


The close relationship of the Esslingen MBA to the industry enables you to apply the theory you learn in the classroom to real-life situations in industrial companies. Courses include lectures, workshops and team projects: hands-on learning activities include company visits and real case studies. In addition, you have the opportunity to specialize your choice of management area during your mandatory master's thesis in the industry. Personal coaching seminars assist you to hone your business etiquette.




Graduate School, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
Flandernstrasse 101, 73732 Esslingen, Germany




Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS)


FUBiS is an intensive academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted toward their degrees at their home institutions. FUBiS sessions run for 3 to 6 weeks and take place both in summer and winter.



The FUBiS summer program 2017 takes place in two terms:

•    FUBiS Term II:  June 3 - July 15, 2017                     (6 weeks)
FUBiS Term III: July 22 - August 19, 2017                 (4 weeks)


Each term may be taken separately. Students can choose between subject courses (mostly taught in English) and German language courses.


The subject courses are offered within the fields of Architecture, Art history, Politics, Law, History, Media Studies, Economics, Literature, Philosophy, Film, and Music. In Term II and III, the subject courses may be combined with each other or with a semi-intensive German language course.


The German language courses are offered on up to five different levels of proficiency and take place as semi-intensive (3-4 days per week) or intensive (5 days per week) classes. The semi-intensive courses in Term II and III may be combined with a subject course.


Field trips are an integral part of all our courses. In addition, FUBiS offers excursions to the Berlin Reichstag and a River Boat Tour through Downtown Berlin as well as day and weekend trips to Lübeck, Dresden, and Leipzig.


For further information on the FUBiS program, tuition, registration, housing, and scholarships please visit www.fubis.org or contact fubis@fubis.org.





Göttingen LL.M. in European and Transnational Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (LIPIT) is a postgraduate program directed at providing the in-depth understanding of legal issues arising from the creation and use of literary or artistic works, mechanical or scientific inventions, digital information, and other intangible assets. Because it is more and more common for transactions with intellectual property and information technology products to transcend national boundaries, this LL.M. Program is conceived as distinctly international and comparative in nature. Solutions from various legal systems are often presented when examining modern problems of the IP and IT law, and cases spreading over two or more countries are regularly discussed and analyzed. One consequence of such an approach is that this Program is suitable for lawyers and other professionals from different countries, rather than being limited to one particular jurisdiction.


Key points


Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M.).

Specialization: European and Transnational Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law.

Language of instruction: English.

Duration: 1 year (1 October to 30 September).

Workload: 60 ECTS credits.

Admission requirements: bachelor's degree plus 1 year of professional experience.

Tuition fee: 7,800 euros; early applicants 7,200 euros.

Scholarships: full and partial tuition waivers.

Application deadline: 30 June.

Maximum number of participants: 30.

Website: www.uni-goettingen.de/lipit

Contact: lipit@uni-goettingen.de







The top-ranked International Graduate Programs at the University of Kaiserslautern


The TU Kaiserslautern is a top-ranked German research-oriented university (Place 10 of all German universities, Place 5 for Departments, Wirtschaftswoche, 2014; top ranked among the worldwide 150 universities under 50 years old, Times Higher Education Ranking 2016) for science, technology, and industry. Our University offers high-quality graduate education and (post)doctoral research training in innovative fields of economic relevance, many of them as English-taught programs. Our features:


· International study environment highly affiliated to industry and research

· “Science Alliance Kaiserslautern”, network of high-profile research institutes on & nearby campus

· “University of Teaching Excellence " award for outstanding student-teacher ratio

· 16 International Graduate Programs (35 specializations):

     - Electrical and Computer Engineering: M.Sc. Electrical & Computer Engineering,

                                                                European Master in Embedded Computing Systems

     - Computer Science: M.Sc. Computer Science, M.Sc. Computer Science in Applications,

                                 European Master in Software Engineering

     - Mathematics: M.Sc. Mathematics International, M.Sc. Technomathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics,

                         M.Sc. Economathematics, M.Sc. Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

     - Commercial Vehicle Technology: M.Sc. Commercial Vehicle Technology

     - Biology: M.Sc. Biology (specializing in Microbial & Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Cell Biology,

                                                     Neurobiology, Ecology)

     - Social Sciences: M.Sc. Cognitive Science

     - Physics: M.Sc. Advanced Quantum Physics (starting from winter semester 2017/2018)

     - Distance Master: M. Eng. Software Engineering for Embedded Systems, M.Eng. Nanotechnology

· 2 international PhD Programs; Doctoral research positions are available in all 12 departments &

  disciplines of TU Kaiserslautern


Application deadlines*:                                                 Application requirements for

                                                                                 international master students*:


 April 30 for winter term starting on Oct 1                         Bachelor degree or equivalent

 Oct 31 for summer term starting on April 1                       English language proficiency



  *Further details for program specific variations:




TU Kaiserslautern                                                     E-Mail:  info@isgs.uni-kl.de 

Department of International Affairs: ISGS                      Homepage: www.uni-kl.de/en/international

Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 47

67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany





Study in English - Live in Germany




International MSc and MBA Programs

at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Offenburg/Germany)


Master of Science (MSc) in Communication and Media Engineering

Master of Science (MSc) in Energy Conversion and Management

Master of Science (MSc) in Process Engineering

Master of Science (MSc) in Power and Data Engineering

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Consulting


ü  Accredited, application-oriented degree programs with excellent career opportunities

ü  English-taught classes, with a small student-teacher ratio and hands-on instruction

ü  Very well-equipped laboratories and facilities

ü  Comprehensive, individual services for international students

ü  Safe and friendly environment with easy access to Europe's tourist attractions


For more information, please see our website: www.hs-offenburg.de/graduate-school 


LL.M. International Finance (for Asian Graduates) at the Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main


Key facts

·         LL.M. International Finance Degree is conferred by Goethe University Frankfurt

·         For graduates holding a first degree in law, business or economics

·         Program language is English

·         From October to July the following year


Why study at ILF, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main?

·         Interdisciplinary curriculum with excellent law and business / finance courses

·     Top lecturers consisting of leading professors from Goethe University and experts from the professional world

·         Located in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe

·         Increased interaction with ILF international students via combined courses with them

·         German and Advanced Business and Legal English language courses

·         Exclusive and intensive intercultural and communications courses

·         Organized student excursions (e.g. Basketball Game, Berlin, ECB, Germany Stock Exchange)


Tuition fees

€ 16,000, Scholarships of €1,600 will be granted if applications received by 28 February each year


Application deadline

·         15 May each year: Countries where APS certificates are required (i.e. China, Mongolia and Vietnam)

·         1 July each year: All other Asian Countries



For more information, see www.ilf-frankfurt.de/LLM-International-Finance or contact LLMint@ilf.uni-frankfurt.de